2019 Fall Classes - Tops & Dresses

Conni's Blouse Sloper Pattern
Basic Blouse Sloper Pattern

Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford

by Connie Crawford
for 10-12 Students

Connie describes her class:

Attendees will be shown different drapes to learn how to perfect a custom blouse with various cup sizes. The knit drape will also be shown in order to mold and manipulate knit fabric on the dress form without the need for darts or complex seaming construction and perfect a finished knit block/sloper.

When custom designing you can use the personal fitting cup sizes (A/B, C/D/DD. DDD/F/G, and H/I cup) to create both woven and knit designs. Using completed professional blocks from Connie Crawford's private collection, she will demonstrate how to design and create patterns.

Each attendee will also learn to:
A. Manipulate darts into different locations.
B. Develop and stimulate creativity while learning to make a variety of blouse, shirt, dress designs.
C. Learn to fit the gaposis of a neckline.
D. Learn how to match the collar to your neckline.
E. Learn how to understand a correct armhole fit, shape, ease allowance, armhole size, and balance.
F. Learn the key principles of developing custom draped blocks/slopers in order to achieve an accurate fit for future projects.
G. Understand the key elements of a balanced bodice and blouse pattern.
H. Explore the fit and shape of the finished pattern with regard to the different degrees of stretch in the knit fabric.

Each attendee will use CS1201, CS1301 or CS1302 in order to make different designs. Each pattern will cost $20.00 each.

Half scale patterns will be given to use for the patternmaking practice session. Attendees should bring: scissors for cutting paper, 6-inch ruler with a straight edge (no quilting rulers please), scotch tape, and a stapler.

References: The workshop will reference the following books: www.fashionpatterns.com

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