Activities - April 2, 2011

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Special Exhibit "Style in the Aisle" (goes until May 30,2011)

The Stitching Girls visited the exhibit that features a dozen complete uniforms, dating from the 1930s to the 1980s and representing several different airlines, all on display at Seattle's Museum of Flight at Boeing Airfield.  We oohed and aahed over the exquisit construction details of the wool gabardine conservative suit uniforms of the early years, with their bound buttonholes, covered buttons and gussets for ease of motion.  We giggled at the colorful and flamboyant "girlie" fashions of the 60s and 70s, often made out of indestructible polyester double knit.  Then nodded approvingly at the return to conservative but fashonable suits of our current day, all mirroring the public image of the flight attendant’s role over the 80-year history.

We also took the opportunity to board and marvel at a Britsh Airways Concord and the United States Airforce One that served from Eisenhower to Nixon, before adjourning to the Wings Cafe for a bite of lunch.  An educational and edjoyable time was had by all.

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Museum Main Hall Early Costumes Stitching Girls  Attendant Costume Displays Stitching Girls Stitching Girls
Former Attendants


Inside the Concord

Concord Cockpit

Airforce One

Pat's Lakewood Policewoman's Quilt

Two Red Hots

Shades of Purple


Main Picture
Airforce One Cockpit The Communications Center Airforce One Office The Conference Room The Press Area Stitching Girls Boarding
Crossing the Bridge One of Our Own 1960s Costume 1960s Costume 1940s Costume 1940s Costume 1930s Costume

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